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I am a digital artist and a fine art printmaker, using mainly digital methods. I live and work in Cambridge.

Much of my work is concerned with issues that have been described as complementary dualities - tensions between essentially opposite approaches to art -

representation vs abstraction, perceptual vs conceptual, formality vs freedom, polish vs rawness, evocation of shallow (2-D) vs deep (3-D) space, natural vs man-made, .......

Like other artists, my motivation is sometimes to celebrate the wonders around us, at other times to criticise or qualify.

Current major themes include landscape and architecture, portrait and human figure and abstract. I'm particularly interested in architecture, and in spatial and colour perception. I also have an interest in science and mathematics - I worked as a mathematician, mainly in biology, for many years.

I have recently been working on new methods of digital printmaking, using the JAVA programming language.

My work has appeared in exhibitions in London and elsewhere.

I have studied digital art at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and fine art printmaking and art history at the Cambridge School of Art.

I am a member of the Printmakers Council and Cambridge Arts Movement.

















































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